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The 2020 String Band Order of March was announced for the 2020 Mummers Parade in Philadelphia PA. The theme selection process started on Sunday, February 10th. I will update the 2020 String Band themes as they come in.

String BandThemes
1.WoodlandFiesta del Fuego: A Celebration of Cuban Culture
2.AvalonA Day On The Bayou
3.South PhiladelphiaTwisted Carnival
4.FralingerWar Of The Worlds
5.Quaker CityQuaker City’s
Pyramid Scheme
6.FerkoMums Of Liberty
7.Polish AmericanUnder The Sea
9.UptownWelcome to the 20’s
10.AquaRailroad Wraiths
12Greater OverbrookUnder The Lovely London Sky
14Greater KensingtonWitches

*The Jersey String Band will march in the first position once officially admitted into the string band division