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The 2020 String Band Order of March and Themes for the 2020 Mummers Parade in Philadelphia PA.

 String BandThemes
1.JerseyWhat In Carnation
2.WoodlandCaliente En Cuba
3.AvalonGoing Down The Bayou
4.South PhiladelphiaCarouspell
5.FralingerLunar Effect
6.Quaker CityAwakening
7.FerkoMums Of Liberty
8.Polish AmericanSea You On Salmon Street
9.HegemanA Nation In Celebration
10.UptownDrop And Give Me 20’s
11.AquaParanormal Track-tivity
13Greater OverbrookUnder The Lovely London Sky
14PennsportJokers Stack The Deck
15Greater KensingtonSomething Wicked This Way Mums
16DurningViva La Fiesta

*The Jersey String Band will march in the first position because they joined the String Band Division for 2020