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Below are the 2022 Fancy Brigade theme concepts and official order of march.

Sponsored by Biondo Creative

  Fancy Brigade Theme Concepts
1. Satin Slipper Through The Glass: Fish Tank Adventures
2. Avenuers Beyond Wonderland: We Are All Mad Here
3. 2nd St. Shooters Greek Mythology: When Worlds Collide
4. Purple Magic Clowning Around
5. Spartans  A Vivid Festival Of Color And Dance
6. Vikings  It’s Showtime
7. Jokers Aztec: A Celebration of the Gods
8. Golden Crown  Wonder-Lust
9. Shooting Stars  Spellbound
10. Downtowners The Eighth Wonder
11. Clevemore Dreams Behind The Curtain
12 Saturnalian Visions of China

2022 Mummers Parade