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Below are the 2017 Fancy Brigade themes.

Fancy BrigadeThemeCaptain
1.Purple MagicSpeak EasyMichael Orlando Jr
2.ClevemoreOh Those Places You’ll GoRalph Tursi
3.AvenuersSteam PunkBob Fitzmaurice
4.2nd St. ShootersThe New Fire CeremonyRich Lind
5.Satin SlipperClosing TimeJohn Bielec
6.JokersDay of the Dead CelebrationJoe Gallagher
7.Golden CrownRaindanceBob Runowski
8.SpartansTropical Island, Protectors of the Vibrant UtopiaDrew Averill
9.Shooting StarsThe Phantom’s MasqueradeMichael Adams
10.VikingsIt’s All in Your MimePete D’Amato
11.DowntownersRIO Festival of AnimalsAnthony Stagliano
12SaturnalianGangs of New YorkJack Hatty Jr.