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Below are the 2019 Fancy Brigade theme concepts. Official order of march will be selected later in the year.

Fancy Brigade Theme Concepts
1. Satin Slipper Clans Of Scotland: A Search For The Aurora Borealis
2. Golden Crown Fall From Grace
3. Clevemore Be Our Guest
4. Vikings The Galatic Circus: Coming To A Planet Near You
5. Saturnalian Once Upon A Dream
6. Spartans La CelebraciĆ³n De Los Muertos
7. Purple Magic How Sweet It Is
8. 2nd St. Shooters Assassins Creed: The Secret Crusade
9. Avenuers Reflections Of China
10. Shooting Stars Great Spirit: Legend Of The Dream Catcher
11. Jokers Puppetry In The Making
12 Downtowners This Is Halloween

2019 Mummers Parade