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2017 Mummers Parade Results

2018 Mummers Parade Results

2018 Mummers Parade Results for String Band, Fancy Brigades, Comics, Wenches and Fancies. January 1, 2018 – New Years Day – Philadelphia PA will be posted here when they are available..  In the meantime join our newsletter, visit our sponsor and check back.

Wench Brigade Results

  1. Bryson
  2. Oregon
  3. O’Malley
  4. Cara Liom
  5. Riverfront
  6. Americans
  7. Pirates
  8. JHJ Saints
  9. Froggy Carr

Wench Captain Results

  • Tom Kelhower – Riverfront

String Band Division Results

String BandThemes
1.South PhiladelphiaWest In Peace
2.Quaker CityFiddling With Tradition
3.WoodlandJest Jokin’
4.FralingerMovie Chromatic
5.FerkoWe’re Off to Neverland
6.UptownVoodoo Gras
7.AvalonFigments of our Fabrication
8.AquaLights Out
9.DuffyWiz Wit
10.HegemanSounds of Silence
11.Polish AmericanTrue Friends Of The Crown
12Greater Kensington Calling All Superheros
14PennsportNo Siesta, Mas Fiesta
15Greater OverbrookMum-In Spoonful
16BroomallPlaypen Review

* The Original Trilby String Band did not march in the 2018 Mummers Parade. 

String Band Captain Results

  1. Jimmy Good
  2. Scott Wray
  3. Tom Robinson
  4. Thomas D’Amore (tie for 4th)
  5. Jake Kudrick (tie for 4th)
  6. Denny Palandro
  7. John Baron
  8. Jamie Caldwell
  9. Nick Magenta
  10. Ken Maminski
  11. William Razzano
  12. Joe Pomante
  13. Jeff Moyer
  14. Joe Accetta
  15. Carman Maniaci
  16. Patrick Walton

Fancy Brigade Division Results


Fancy BrigadeTheme Concepts
1.Golden CrownOut of the Web
2.VikingsKing Neptune’s Return to the Reef
3.SaturnalianThe Greatest Show of Earth
4.Shooting StarsBeyond the Stars
6.JokersThe Book of Wizardry: A Sorcerer’s Guide
7.SpartansTheater of the Masquerade
8.Satin SlipperPagemaster
9.ClevemoreLights, Camera, Action!
10.AvenuersA Whole Zoo World
11.Purple MagicVoo Doo
122nd St. ShootersSugar N’ Spice, But Not So Nice

Fancy Brigade Captain

  1. Bob Runowski – Golden Crown
  2. Jack Hatty – Saturnalian
  3. Pete D’Amato – South Philly Vikings
  4. Rocco Tursi – Clevemore
  5. David Josaphouitch – Jokers
  6. Anthony Stagliano – Downtowners
  7. Drew Avrill – Spartans
  8. Chris Miceli – Satin Slipper
  9. Michael Adams – Shooting Stars
  10. Bob Fitzmaurice – Avenuers
  11. Michael Orlando – Purple Magic
  12. Rich Lind – 2nd St. Shooters

Comic Division

  1. Murray
  2. Goodtimers
  3. Landi

Comic Division Captain

  • Dennis Pellegrino

Comic 1st Place Brigade

  • 2 Street Stompers