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The number one email question I receive this time of year is “How can I have the Mummers play at my event”. I realized that in all of my time running the Mr. Mummer blog, I never posted how to book a string band for an event. Everyone knows that string bands perform public events like parades and concerts, but String Bands are also available to perform at wedding receptions, conventions, political events, and various private functions. You can book a string band to play at your event by contacting a band directly. Below are links to the string bands that are available to be hired for your event.

Avalon String Band
Quaker City String Band
Ferko String Band
Aqua String Band
Fralinger String Band
Greater Overbrook
South Philadelphia String Band
Woodland String Band
Hegeman String Band
Uptown String Band
Duffy String Band
Pennsport String Band
Durning String Band
Polish American String Band
Greater Kensington String Band
Jersey String Band