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The projected forecast for the 2019 Mummers Parade is sunny with a high of 64 degrees. January 1, 2019 could possibly tie or break the record for warmest New Years Day in Philadelphia. The current record is 64 degrees on January 1, 2005. The average high in Philadelphia for New Years Day is 40 degrees. It’s going to be a beautiful day to go out and enjoy the Mummers Parade. Be sure to check out the 2019 Mummers Parade Guide for the currently available information about the 2019 Mummers Parade. 











The projected weather for the 2019 Mummers Parade is quite different than 2018. Last year, there was a debate about postponing the parade because of the extreme cold. The 2018 Mummers Parade had an average temperature of 12 degrees and was the coldest parade in 41 years.