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Below is the complete order of march and most of the themes for the 2017 Mummers Parade. I’ll continue to update this page as we get closer to New Years Day.

The 2017 String Band Order of March and Themes.

String Band Theme Captain
1.  Avalon Mumberjacks Carmen Maniaci
2.  Duffy Tune-A-Fish Ted Kudrick
3.  Ferko We Stand As ONE Thomas D’Amore
4.  South Philadelphia Awaken the Dragon Denny Palandro
5.  Uptown Mr. Future Jamie Caldwell
6.  Pennsport Tiki Island Jungle Jivin’ Charlie Nicholas
7.  Broomall Clown Town Showdeo  Pat Walton
8.  Durning Gnome Sweet Gnome Joe Pomante
9.  Hegeman  The Golden Gala John Baron
10.  Aqua Mine Blown! Ken Maminski
11.  Quaker City Winter Is Coming Jimmy Good
12  Fralinger Spellbinding Scott Wray
13  Woodland Carnival: Primeiro De Janeiro Tom Robison
14  Polish American Villanville UpEvil Nick Magenta
15  Greater Overbrook Mum Potion #9 Bill Razzano
16 Greater Kensington The Band, The Myth, The Legend Jeff Moyer

*Trilby dropped out of the 2017 Mummers Parade

The 2017 Fancy Brigade Order of March and Themes.

Fancy Brigade Theme Captain
1. Purple Magic Speak Easy Michael Orlando Jr
2. Clevemore Oh Those Places You’ll Go Ralph Tursi
3. Avenuers Steam Punk Bob Fitzmaurice
4. 2nd St. Shooters The New Fire Ceremony Rich Lind
5. Satin Slipper Closing Time John Bielec
6. Jokers Day of the Dead Celebration Joe Gallagher
7. Golden Crown Raindance Bob Runowski
8. Spartans Tropical Island, Protectors of the Vibrant Utopia Drew Averill
9. Shooting Stars The Phantom’s Masquerade Michael Adams
10. Vikings It’s All in Your Mime Pete D’Amato
11. Downtowners RIO Festival of Animals Anthony Stagliano
12 Saturnalian The Gangs of New York Jack Hatty Jr.

The 2017 Wench Brigade Order of March

Americans  American Thriller
O’Malley  Mummerjacks
Saints  Hangin’ 10 Surf’s Up
Cara Liom  MUM-TOBERfest
Oregon  Oregon Ducks
Bryson  Losing is Not an Option
Riverfront  Going for the Triple Crown
Froggy Carr Game of Frogs


2017 Comics Order of March


2017 Fancy Division Order of March

Golden Sunrise