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For the first time in many years, the Pride Parade will feature two Mummers groups — the Trilby String Band and the Murray Comics.

During the New Year’s Day parade, some Mummers carried signs insulting transgendered people and reportedly assaulted a gay man.

But the Mummers’ inclusion in the Pride Parade was accepted without opposition;

“I think most of the community looked on it as a positive development for the Mummers becoming more sensitized to the gay community,” said Volz.

The Murray Comics will march in the parade without costume and makeup. The decision to sign up for the parade was made at the last minute, too late to put together a performance routine. Instead, the troupe will simply wear rainbow-colored T-shirts printed with “Murray Pride.”

The recent complaints of homophobia and a lack of diversity at the Mummer’s Parade spurred them to join the Pride Parade.

“We never thought we had to show our support because we never disallowed anybody to be in the Mummers Parade,” said Rich Porco, president of the comics division. “Now we want to show that we do support their efforts.”