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The 2017 String Band Order of March and Themes.

1.  Avalon Mumberjacks
2.  Duffy Tune-A-Fish
3.  Ferko We stand As ONE
4.  South Philadelphia Awaken the Dragon
5.  Uptown Mr. Future
6.  Pennsport Tiki Island Jungle Jivin’
7.  Broomall Clown Town Showdeo 
8.  Durning Gnome Sweet Gnome
9.  Hegeman  The Golden Gala
10.  Aqua Mine Blown!
11.  Quaker City Winter Is Coming
12  Fralinger Spellbinding
13  Woodland Carnival: Primeiro De Janeiro
14  Polish American Villanville UpEvil
15  Greater Overbrook Mum Potion #9
16 Greater Kensington The Band, The Myth, The Legend

*Trilby dropped out of the 2017 Mummers Parade

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