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Mummers TV is coming to an end starting in 2016. Starting January 1, 2016, Comcast channel 253, Verizon FiOS channel 468 and 17.4 will become ” Comet”. Comet is an American digital broadcast television network that is owned as a joint venture between the MGM Television division of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and the Sinclair Television Group subsidiary of the Sinclair Broadcast Group. The network focuses on science fiction, supernatural, adventure and fantasy series and films, sourced mainly from the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer library.  I posted screen shots showing January 2016 TV listings for Comcast 253 and Verizon FiOS 468 below.

Mummers TV started in December 2014 and was originally scheduled to broadcast Mummers Parades dating back to 1995 for four weeks. After the initial four week run, Mummers TV kept on going.

In March 2015, Vince Giannini, VP and General Manager of PHL17 was quoted in a Philadelphia Magazine article about Mummers TV  “At the current time, it’s the best way I see to program. Until further notice, we’ll stick with this.”  Vince Giannini goes on to say in the same article  “…different programming may eventually take over the Mummers channel, but advertisers like the station for now. But even if it disappears, the station will find a way to use its large archive of Mummers Parades”

Do you watch Mummers TV? Let us know in the comments section what you think about Mummers TV ending in 2016.


Updated: Monday, December 28, 2015

As feared, we learned over the weekend that MumTV will be discontinued as of the New Year.  David Grzybowski of PHL17 confirmed the news on Twitter.