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The Mum Madness Tournament Champion and best modern era String Band performance (1976-present) as voted by you the fans is  Quaker City – Reflections of Old Moscow (1999).  Reflections of Old Moscow won first prize in the 1999 Mummers Parade and Captain Bob Shannon, Jr won first prize captain. Quaker City received the most points in every judged category in 1999 (Music Playing, Music Effect, Production, Visual Effect,Suit). Also, the band received a perfect score of 20 in three separate categories: Production, Visual Effect and Suit. Reflections of Old Moscow is a power house performance and is widely regarded as one of the best string band performances of all time.

What to Watch For: When the confetti was shot in the air at the 4:03 mark in the video below, a wind gust swirled the confetti around the band like a snow globe instead of just blowing away.
Mum Madness Results
Champion: Quaker City – Reflections of Old Moscow (1999
2nd Place: Quaker City – The Hills Are Alive (1991)
3rd Place: Fralinger – Copabanana (1987)
4th Place: Fralinger – Jokers Are Wild (1984)