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I received an email last week and it got me thinking about the use of technology in the Mummers Parade. I did some research to see if I could find out when technology started being used in the Mummers Parade. I listed what I was able to find about Mummers using technology below.

Let me know in the comment section if I missed anything. Also, tell me in the comments section how you feel about the use of technology in the Mummers Parade.

Do you feel technology enhances the Mummers Parade or diminishes the Mummers Parade?


I found that the first hint of techno- Mummery was in 1994. The use of Walkie-Talkies and limited use of cell phones helped some clubs with communications. Around the same time, fancy brigades such as the Downtowners recorded their drills using camcorders.

In 1993, the Recreation Department struck the rule prohibiting string bands from using electrical power in skits. Avalon String Band was one of the first to plug in, using a generator- powered smokemaker in their 1994 performance.

1994 – The Shooting Stars Fancy Brigade fastened miniature TV cameras on dancers’ headpieces for their drill before the judges at City Hall. Three dozen TV sets – 18 each in two massive frames set up in the judging area – instantaneously flashed the drill.

In 1995, the Quaker City String Band lit up their flying saucer.

Quaker City String Band’s performance in 1999 was the best use of a confetti cannon even though I don’t think it was the first use of a confetti cannon on the street.

In 2012, the South Philly Vikings used light up suits that changed color to the music.

Hegeman surprised everyone in 2014 with a giant TV screen. The screen played video that was timed to their musical performance.

In 2015, Hegeman used multiple video screens in their performance.

In 2015, Fralinger had suits that lit up.

In 2015, the South Philly Vikings used a giant video board.

I know I didn’t post every example of technology used in the Mummers Parade. Use the comment section to tell me your favorite use of technology in the Mummers Parade.