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After increased interest and questions about the lack of inclusion in the Mummers tradition, it was announced that it is expected that the San Mateo Carnavaleros will march in the 2016 Mummers parade.

“A small group has been working on the logistics of this, and in a meeting last week it was confirmed they will march in the parade this year,” said Danielle Redden, an active Mummer.

As reported by AL DÍA back in April, the proposal that masqueraders of “San Mateo Carnavalero” should join the long standing and massive parade of the “Mummers” had been nothing more than a suggestion. However, this year there was a real rapprochement between multiple local cultural carnivals, all of which had, until then, remained mostly disconnected.

“There is no reason why the Mexican community of South Philly can’t also join in with their very rich tradition. I think it is coming, and it takes a little bit of plotting to get there, maybe it is just as simple as making the effort and bridging that perceived gap. Maybe not, I don’t know, but I think you don’t know until you try it,” Greg Scruggs (co-founder of the cultural platform Tropicalismo) said back in April. “And in the near future we will see Poblano-style masqueraders parading on Broad Street on New Year’s Day.”

Redden said in an email that the city is setting up a new division this year, with more flexible parameters so is easier for new groups to join. “There is no fee to participate this year and you would have the opportunity to be one of the first groups to march in this exciting new division,” Redden said. “You will have great company with the Carnavaleros, who hope to march down Broad Street 200-strong on New Years Day.”

If you are involved with a performance group that would like to march in this year’s parade in this division, please email Redden at danielleredden@gmail.com and she will connect you with Philadelphia’s Department of Parks and Recreation.  Tell us what you think about this addition to the 2016 Mummers Parade in the comments below.

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