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I found a cool mummers video on YouTube called “WCAU 10 Philadelphia presents: The Best of the 1986 String Bands”. Below is the description about the program.

The Best of the 1986 Strings Bands” was compilation of footage from the 1986 Mummers Parade in Philadelphia featuring the Top 10 performances of the string bands that played at the annual event, which had a roraring ’20s (1920s) theme (with the exception of the final number being Axel F). On February 8, 1986, a special rebroadcast with commentary by hosts Steve Levy and Cherie Bank presented the following string bands, in order from bottom to top: the Hegeman String Band, Greater Kensington String Band, Durning String Band, Avalon String Band, South Philadelphia String Band, South Jersey String Band, Ferko String Band, Quaker City String Band, Fralinger String Band, and the Polish American String Band. Also features a brief interview with Jim Donio.