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There has been a rumor going around that the membership of the Hegeman String Band voted to sell their clubhouse at 2nd and Wharton St. Before writing a story on the Mr. Mummer blog about the rumor I heard, I decided to reach out to the Hegeman String Band for more information. I was put in contact with Hegeman’s captain, John Baron and he was gracious enough to speak to me about the clubhouse sale and what it means for the band.

I was able to confirm that the Hegeman clubhouse at 2nd and Wharton St. was indeed sold and that the new owner will be taking over on July 1, 2015. John told me that “It was a hard, yet financially smart decision for the band.”

According to the agreed upon contract with the soon-to-be new owner, Hegeman will stay at their current clubhouse at 2nd and Wharton St. and lease the clubhouse from the new owner for one year. In the summer of 2016, Hegeman’s leadership will look for new locations for a clubhouse along Two Street. At this time, it is undecided if the band will purchase a new clubhouse or lease space in 2016.

The sale of the clubhouse will put “Hegeman in financially stable shape for New Year’s Day” said Baron. In addition, the sale will have long term benefits by allowing Hegeman to be completely debt free and able to invest in its future. John told me that he is glad that a financially stable Hegeman will have a “chance to compete” every year on New Year’s Day.

One thing that will not be changing with the Hegeman String Band is how they operate. Hegeman will continue to be known as a co-ed, family band that welcomes school age children to play an instrument or dance.

The Hegeman String Band will be performing a free concert at the Mummers Museum on June 18th