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The following is a guest blog post by Harry Caines. Over the last 20 days, Harry has been doing a countdown of the
Top 20 – Best String Band 1st prizes on Twitter. Harry was nice enough to share his list and allow me to post it on mrmummer.com. You can follow Harry on Twitter @hacaines.

Use the comment section below to tell us what you think about the list. Feel free to share your own list of Best String Band 1st prizes and tell us if you agree or disagree with Harry’s list.

Let the debate begin!

I am Harry Caines. This will be my 30th parade. I have previously marched with the comics and brigades. I marched with Avalon and Woodland, and this is my 2nd year as a marshal for Pennsport. I have lived in Logan, Utah the past 10 years—but I come home to march in the parade every year.My two older children will come home with me to be the 4th generation of the Caines family to march in the parade.

The list goes back to 1976. I ranked the performances against each other. I gave no weight to whether each performance was in a “strong” or “weak” year. I did not compare the performances to other drills within the same year.

Top 20 Best String Band 1st prizes 

1. Fralinger Back From the Dead (2013)
2. Quaker City Reflections of Old Moscow (1999)
3. Fralinger The Jokers Are Wild (1984)
4. Polish American Dr. Hi-Tech and His Robot Ramble (1986)
5. Fralinger Gypsy For-Tunes (2005)
6. Ferko Golden Memories of the Bowery (1982)
7. Quaker City Circus Momus (2000)
8. Fralinger Copabanana (1987)
9. Harrowgate Moving On USA (1976)
10. Quaker City My Kind of Clown (2011)
11. Ferko Sing Sing Swing (1994)
12 Greater Kensington Go For Baroque (1988)
13 Quaker City The Hills Are Alive (1991)
14 Quaker City The Scarecrows’ Hay Day (1985)
15  Ferko Ferko Plays the Palace (1996)
16  Fralinger Fralinger’s Feudin’, Fussin’ and Fightin’ (2010)
17 Woodland It’s a Jungle Out There (2012)
18 Greater Kensington Oz Odyssey (1979)
19 Hegeman Hegeman’s 1st Class, 2nd Hand Band (1995)
20  Ferko Choo Choo Ch-Boogie (1998)