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Golden Sunrise is the last Fancy Club remaining.  They need help to continue our craft through next year.  Below is some information about their campaign.

Learn more about  helping Golden Sunrise

What We Need

We need $28,000 to sustain. It costs us approximately $10,000 per year to run. We do not make profit. We are just here to be part of the fabric of Philadelphia Heritage and share the craft. Here is where the money is going:

  • Club House (warehouse) repairs (our club is literally falling apart) $8,000
  • Club Insurance, Rent, Utilities $6,500
  • Parade day badge admissions, trucks, buses, food $2,600
  • Costume materials $1,000
  • To sustain through 2016 $10,000

What You Get

  • See the Fancies parade through the city with the remaining Mummer Divisions (Comics, String Bands, Wenches, *Fancy Brigades – *also perform at the convention center)
  • Joy in knowing you saved a historic Philadelphia craft
  • Opportunity to be part of the club – club updates and news!

The Impact

We need to carry on this Philadelphia Folk Art tradition! Many of us start parading when we are very young children just waiting until we can carry the big suits and wear large feathered back pieces just like our parents.

A great deal of our time in consumed with Fund Raising ideas, the ordinary ways of our fathers do not work anymore we are reaching out to you, a new generation our cyber friends who have seen the parade on the internet and thought “what a great celebration I wish I could be part of it “. Now you can help us to keep this tradition alive with you contributions.

Risks & Challenges

Our clubhouse is a warehouse in Philadelphia that holds our suits and back-pieces (the big feathers) many date back to the 1960’s. Our clubhouse is falling apart – the roof has leaks that we keep an eye on to try and cover the costumes during bad weather. Last year the other Fancy Club (Hog Island) left our division leaving us as the last of our kind. This is the reason we are doing a campaign to raise funds and awareness.

Other Ways You Can Help

Some people just can’t contribute, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help:

Spread the word!

Volunteer at the club – we can always use help with construction and organization