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This is an old newspaper clipping that was originally published in the 1930 Chicago Tribune about the 1930 Mummers Parade.

Colorful Mummers Parade to Welcome 1930 in Philadelphia

Philadelphia, PA., Jan 1 – Nearly ten thousand Mummers presented a colorful panorama along a four mile route on Broad Street today in Philadelphia’s annual show welcoming the New Year.

Countless thousands jammed curb lines to see seventeen New Year’s clubs (six fancy, four comic, and seven string bands) in a spectacle inspired by the spirit of Momus, the god of mirth.

Resplendent capes, a hundred or more feet in length borne by New Years club leaders and their attendant pages, were followed by pirouetting masqueraders, fantastic clowns and satiric figures of parody, while over the entire length of the procession rose the lively melodies of the bands.

The paraders competed for a $30,000 in prizes awarded by the city.