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Since today is election day, I thought I would “Rock the Vote” and introduce a hypothetical mummers ballot question for all of you to vote on. After you vote for your favorite performance of the decade, rank all 5 performances in  the comment section below

Watch the Performances:

Fralinger String Band – “Feudin’, Fussin and Fightin’ (2010)

Quaker City String Band – My Kinda Clown (2011)

Woodland String Band – “It’s a Jungle Out There.” (2012)

Fralinger String Band – Back from the Dead (2013)

Quaker City String Band – “California Here We Mum” (2014)

Cast your Vote

What is the best string band performance of the decade so far?

  • FRALINGER - “Back From The Dead” (2013) (27%)
  • WOODLAND - “It’s A Jungle Out There” (2012) (21%)
  • QUAKER CITY - “California, Here We Mum” (2014) (20%)
  • FRALINGER-“Fralinger’s Feudin’, Fussin’ and a Fightin’” (2010) (18%)
  • QUAKER CITY -“My Kind of Clown” (2011) (14%)
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