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I looked at the calendar today and realized there is only 97 days until New Years Day 2015.  That can only mean one thing…We are officially in Mum Season.  This is the time of the year when the mummers work long hours preparing for the upcoming mummers parade. Also, it’s the time of year to watch old mum tapes. In the coming weeks, I’ll spotlight some of my favorite performances.

In 1986, the Polish American String band won first prize with the very popular “Dr. High Tech and His Robot Ramble”. Polish American received so much positive feedback from fans about the 1986 performance, they made a bold move and decided to do a sequel in 1987 called “Dr. Hi Tech & His Computer Concerto”.  Unfortunately, the judges didn’t care for the sequel as much as the original and “Dr. Hi Tech & His Computer Concerto” placed 8th in 1987.  As of 2014, Polish American is the only band to attempt a sequel in the history of the mummers parade.