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Now you can watch the 2018 Fancy Brigade performances again.  Just click the theme title from the list below. Enjoy.

Fancy Brigade Division Results

Fancy BrigadeTheme Concepts
1.Golden CrownOut of the Web
2.VikingsKing Neptune’s Return to the Reef
3.SaturnalianThe Greatest Show of Earth
4.Shooting StarsBeyond the Stars
6.JokersThe Book of Wizardry: A Sorcerer’s Guide
7.SpartansTheater of the Masquerade
8.Satin SlipperPagemaster
9.ClevemoreLights, Camera, Action!
10.AvenuersA Whole Zoo World
11.Purple MagicVoo Doo
122nd St. ShootersSugar N’ Spice, But Not So Nice

Fancy Brigade Captain

  1. Bob Runowski – Golden Crown
  2. Jack Hatty – Saturnalian
  3. Pete D’Amato – South Philly Vikings
  4. Rocco Tursi – Clevemore
  5. David Josaphouitch – Jokers
  6. Anthony Stagliano – Downtowners
  7. Drew Avrill – Spartans
  8. Chris Miceli – Satin Slipper
  9. Michael Adams – Shooting Stars
  10. Bob Fitzmaurice – Avenuers
  11. Michael Orlando – Purple Magic
  12. Rich Lind – 2nd St. Shooters