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Here are the 2018 String Band Order of March and Themes for the 2018 Mummers Parade in Philadelphia PA.

String BandThemes
1.Greater OverbrookMum-In Spoonful
2.FralingerMovie Chromatic
3.Quaker CityFiddling With Tradition
4.AquaLights Out
5.PennsportNo Siesta, Mas Fiesta
6.BroomallPlaypen Review
7.FerkoWe’re Off to Neverland
8.South PhiladelphiaWest In Peace
9.AvalonFigments of our Fabrication
10.Polish AmericanTrue Friends Of The Crown
11.Greater Kensington Calling All Superheros
12UptownVoodoo Gras
13HegemanThe Sounds of Silence
15WoodlandJest Jokin’
16DuffyWiz Wit

* There is a strong probability that Trilby will not be marching in the 2018 Mummers Parade. If Trilby can get a band together for 2018 they will march in the first position and everyone else will move back one spot.